Welcome to First Class Support

First Class Support offers a bespoke specialist support service to students at schools, colleges and higher education institutions, across the United Kingdom.

We are academic support specialists, offering over twenty distinct support roles which include, private tuition, note-taking, one to one study skills support, practical assistance, mobility training, mental health mentoring, autism support and BSL interpretation.

Unlike other support providers, our services extend beyond academia and into the workplace. Personal and employment support packages include strategy coaching, CV writing, completion of applications, interview techniques and on-job mentorship. We also provide training for employers and employees on physical and psychological wellbeing awareness.

Apart from providing services to privately funded clients, First Class Support supplies over £2m of support annually to Student Loans Company (SLC), the National Health Service (NHS) and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The goal is simple, we want everyone who we support to feel comfortable, safe and confident, as well as enjoying and making the most of their time within academia and the workplace.

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Your Success

Your success is paramount. We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the successes of our students since 2015. However, with success comes challenges, which is when you can rely on the experience and expertise of your FCS support specialist to guide you through the demands of your academic journey.

To ensure that you are in safe hands, FCS is fully compliant with the DSA-QAG framework. We are regularly audited and we adhere to the Non-Medical Help (NMH) Charter. All FCS staff are fully insured and abide by safeguarding, lone worker, health and safety, data protection and confidentiality policies.

Our Solution

Our solution is one based on experience and expertise. All our friendly and knowledgeable support specialists are university graduates that are dedicated to the cause of facilitating the success of others. In addition, all applicants must undergo a thorough and rigorous recruitment process, consisting of DBS checks, competency based interviewing and advanced training (for specific specialist roles).

We pride ourselves on only employing the best calibre of support staff, thus over 70% of applications are rejected on average.

Your Next Step

Your next step is one that we will gladly take with you. If you are a student in receipt of Disabled Student Allowance (DSA), or a privately funded student, you can contact us to arrange a confidential and informal consultation to discuss your individual study requirements.

If you are registered disabled and require support securing employment, or within the workplace, please contact us so we can discuss your specifics needs and find the right solution for you.