Privately Funded Support

First Class Support provides privately funded support to students across the UK, and abroad. We essentially offer six distinct support roles to higher education, further education and compulsory education students.

All support roles that are offered to privately funded students are designed to help overcome specific boundaries and to equip students with the necessary academic tools to work autonomously. Our company is all about support, thus we want everybody to succeed and feel proud of what they have achieved at all levels.

Below are details of the support roles that we currently offer to privately funded students. If there is a service that you feel we have not entirely covered and would like to receive, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Social & Practical Support (HE)

This role is dedicated to providing social, practical and mobility assistance to students who would benefit from additional physical and/or psychological support when on campus. This support primarily includes helping to manipulate a wheelchair, chaperoning to and from class, carrying books, locating buildings and interacting with social activities and peer groups.

Notetaking Support (HE)

First Class Support can provide an experienced and qualified notetaker to attend lectures either in a student’s presence or absence. Our specialised notetakers will electronically take notes and email copies of the transcript, with an audio recording when permitted, within 24 hours of the session ending. This support allows students to attend job interviews, meet social engagements, complete coursework and recover from illness knowing that classes are being covered.

One to One Study Coaching (HE/A-Level/Access)

This role encompasses a range of academic support. Primarily the one to one study coach supports the student with adapting to and meeting the demands of their course. The study coach can help with deadline planning, organisational skills and with the structure and writing of coursework. The study coach will equip the student with the necessary skills for autonomy in the learning environment. Often, students will require ongoing support throughout their course, whereas others might only require minimal support as the course commences.

One to One Specialist Study Skills Support (HE)

This is an intensive one to one support role to address any issues a student might experience relating to understanding course content, structuring written work and assessment preparation. This support aims to specifically address novel course content as well as developing the skills needed for autonomy in the learning environment. Often, students will require ongoing support throughout their course, whereas others might require less support as the course continues.

One to One Specialist Tuition (A-Level/Access/GCSE)

Private one to one tuition is offered to GCSE and further education students. A subject specialist is guaranteed for core subjects and most typical further education courses. Tuition can take place either at the student’s home, education institution, public place or at private FCS study rooms at our offices, across the UK. Tuition can similarly be offered as dual and triple student sessions, accommodating a two and three group booking.