HE Institutions

We believe that academic success is facilitated by a triadic interaction between support provider, student and institution. For many higher education institutions, this interaction is not witnessed, often leaving HEIs unaware as to who is supporting their students, when support occurs and how much progress is being made within support sessions.

First Class Support provides a platform where institutions can feel simultaneously relaxed and empowered. Not only do we ensure that all support is managed and coordinated professionally, HEIs are also provided with full access to the FCS online support system.

As standard, when FCS commences the support of a student, the institution can expect:

  • Access to FCS online support system.
  • Support staff to be of first-class calibre.
  • Support staff to be DSA-QAG compliant.
  • Updates on newly recruited support staff.
  • To communicate with FCS 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (dedicated manned phoneline).
  • Bank staff to cover planned absence and sickness.

We understand that professional affiliations and working partnerships are formed on trust and shared values. We are confident that once an institution engages in a working capacity with us, they will want to request preferred choice non-DSA provider status.