Employment & Workplace Support

Finding employment can be challenging, and we recognise that these challenges can be even greater for people with disabilities. We offer a wide range of intensive specialised support services to disabled individuals that are both seeking and are currently in employment.

Many of these services are free to individuals under the Direct Payment, Dynamic Purchasing System and Access to Work scheme, which is provided by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

We work closely with DWP staff, employers, the individual and often their families to ensure that the correct level of support is provided and maintained.

Not only do we assist people with disabilities, we also offer our services to school leavers, college students and university graduates to plan for their futures. We similarly support those without any post-compulsory academic history with securing the perfect job/career.

Employers can learn more about how FCS can support their employees, by visiting the employers page, or by contacting us directly. We welcome all employment support related enquiries and we will gladly assist you with securing the support you need.