Since establishing in 2015, First Class Support has worked closely with numerous institutions and needs assessors to build professional and trusting foundations.

We encourage active and frequent discourse with assessors to specifically ascertain the needs of each person that we support. We are purely dedicated to those that we support, so we believe that it is vital for the acquisition and initiation of support to be underpinned by experiential and evidential knowledge gained from open communication at the assessment stage.

Many enquiries that we receive from assessors relate to the services that we can provide, which include:

  • Specialist autistic support (beyond mandatory criteria).
  • Interim support (up to 15 hours).
  • Ability to support individuals in their own homes.
  • Ability to support distance learners.
  • Ability to provide employment mentoring and advice.
  • Ability to support individuals in the workplace.
  • Ability to provide personal support.
  • Confirmation of support on initial assessor enquiry.
  • Support engagement within 24 hours of entitlement.
  • Private and secure 1:1 study rooms at our offices.

First Class Support is also:

  • Compliant with NMH Charter.
  • Fully registered with DSA-QAG.
  • Fully accredited by DSA-QAG.
  • Listed on NNAC database.
  • ICO registered.
  • Preferred choice provider to numerous institutions.
  • Transparent and clear with NMH Rates.

For more information and for referrals, please call 01752 358637 or email

We are obtainable 365 days a year by telephone, which is manned outside of office hours to assist with any specific support enquiries.