About FCS

First Class Support was originally founded in 2015 by first-class university graduates from the University of Plymouth. Subsequent collaboration of clinical psychology, specialist education recruitment and business management have been combined to provide a support service that is unrivalled.

First Class Support encompasses genuinely supportive values that are shared by every member of staff. We are dedicated to delivering a service that is purely focussed on the needs of the individual. There are numerous support providers to choose from, which is why we are proud have been locally and nationally recognised for our hard work and dedication to academia and disabilities.

First Class Support has been nominated for two business awards within the first eighteen months of incorporating. This passion to succeed is facilitated by providing nothing less than a first-class service to all that we engage with.

As a relatively new company, we are the most pioneering and innovative. We continually devise new pilot schemes to enhance current support and to provide a service unobtainable from any other provider.

We are proud to be the best at what we do, we do not aspire to be anything else. However, all credit for our successes stem from the calibre of staff that we employ. As a company, we are the most selective when recruiting support staff. Everyone that conducts support work for FCS are university graduates. Furthermore, each and every member of staff, throughout the company, has a genuine concern for the physical and psychological wellbeing of others, which is demonstrated and reflected in the unrivalled service we deliver.